The (Unofficial) Cocktail Bar List


The Best Cocktail Bars in the US

While we love making our own cocktails at home, there's nothing like sitting at a proper cocktail bar watching a professional mixologist make your drink. It truly is an art, and it's the best way to learn how to do it at home.

We had been keeping our own personal list of great cocktail bars throughout the country, but then we thought, why not share this with everyone? So here it is, The Unofficial Cocktail Bar List. While these places don't have to bring home multiple awards from Tales of the Cocktail to qualify, they do have to meet certain criteria.

To be included, they must be rated 4 stars or higher on Google or Yelp and:

a) We've been there and it's spectacular
b) It's been recommended by reputable publications
c) It's been recommended by multiple people

Please help us build this out by submitting your favorite bars below!

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